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I am Anthony DeVoil, Southern Region’s Regional Polaris. 

Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Fidelity, and Brotherhood spreads throughout

our region and the light of the Polaris guides us through our communities. The states

of Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas share the same goals of paving the streets

brown and gold as we continue doing the local and national initiatives and create a

connection through community service and our people and businesses in our communities.

When you hear the name Southern Region of Iota PhiTheta® Fraternity, 

incorporated, you are hearing goal driven, hard working, dedicated, humble, and a

dominant brand of Brothers and Sweethearts that pack punch in whatever we do.

Explore our home on the web and get to know the Southern Region and Iota Phi Theta®.

As we keep you updated on events and services near a city near you

                                                                                                            Your community servant,


Anthony T DeVoil

SR Regional Polaris



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